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About Us

MyLendingPal is a family owned business based out of Suwanee, Georgia. We currently only operate in Georgia and Florida. 

Our History

MyLendingPal was  founded in 2018 by the founders and operators of Nations First Home Mortgage Inc, company located in Suwanee GA.  MyLendingPal is owned and operated by Ricky Merchant,  Ricky is Roger Merchant’s son founder  of Nations First Home Mortgage Inc.  MyLendingPal is currently licensed in State of Georgia and Florida with plans to expand in multiple states.  The idea of MyLendingPal originated from hard work and foundation laid by Roger Merchant and his two son’s Milan Merchant and Ricky Merchant. Roger Merchant began is Mortgage career in early 90’s while working as Branch Manager with Bank of America, his experience at the bank involved in managing the bank to its profitable status and originate home loans for the clients. In few years Roger was promoted to Premier banking group of Bank of America where he managed Portfolio of over 600 Wealthy high net-worth clients. As a senior relationship manager Roger assisted his clients in acquiring home loans, Refinance, Purchase Investment properties  and wealth management.  As he grew into this role Roger was extremely successful in growing his book of business and decided his key strengths were in Originating Mortgage Loans.  Roger moved to Bank of America Home Loans as Senior Mortgage Loan Officer in 2007, Roger was highly successful in his role as Mortgage Loan originator  with Bank of America .  In 2008 there was massive collapse in Housing Market and the entire Mortgage Industry was on a brink of collapse.  Under  the mandate of  Federal Government and passage of Dodd  Frank Law Bank’s imposed extremely stringent guidelines for home approvals and getting approved for home loans became nearly impossible for potential home buyers or home owners who needed to refinance their primary mortgage as Residential values plummeted  overnight. This presented huge challenge in the Mortgage Industry,  as a senior mortgage  loan officer Roger was quick to adapt to the changes and continued to be one of the top mortgage loan officers at Bank of  America.  Roger quickly learned and understood challenges faced by home owners during this time and ensured his clients were well informed of the changes in Regulations and took the time to ensure the community he served in were  well informed including Realtors.  Roger  has earned great respect from his peers and management at Bank of America and in the community as one of the most reliable, trusted and honest mortgage loan officer they had experienced working with.  In 2013 Roger realized even though Mortgage Industry on the whole was improving banks overall were still struggling to streamline their processes and approval guidelines posing huge challenge for even the most strong and qualified  borrowers.  Due to Lender overlays and restrictions closing loans in timely manner was almost impossible and resulted in missing deadlines of the contracts impacting borrowers ability to secure the loan and timely closings.    is a senior loan originator with MyLendingPal and one of the founders of the company. Roger began his mortgage experience in the late 90’s with Bank of America. He worked there for many years as a personal banker and then Mortgage Loan Officer. After about 20 years, Roger decided it was time to do something different. He became frustrated with through process and the overlays that big banks had. He decided that there would be a better way.

Fast forward to 2013. Roger opened his own mortgage brokerage called Nations First Home Mortgage.  During this time, his two sons, Milan and Ricky Merchant were completing their education at the University of Georgia. Roger ironed out the struggles found in the mortgage process at Bank of America through this new company. Roger grew the company through word of mouth and customer referrals and had great success with the local community. Milan graduated from the University of Georgia in 2017 and started an Insurance agency with Farmer’s Insurance. Milan and Roger partnered together to provide Roger’s clients with easy, quick and affordable insurance quotes to go with their mortgages. This system worked well and was loved by our clients. Ricky graduated shortly after and joined Roger. Ricky’s focus was on finding ways to further improve the mortgage process for the customers. With improved technology and an all in one system that saved borrowers time and money, it was time to bring our services to the rest of Georgia and Florida. Ricky created MyLendingPal and Nations First Home Mortgage had officially changed names. Today Ricky, Roger, and Milan work together through MyLendingPal to help the community find a better way to handle their mortgage.